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Change…Resilience…High-Impact Strategies

In a world too often connected to CHAOS, Motivational Speaker and CHANGE Expert Susan Young DELIVERS the insightful SKILLS, timeless TOOLS, and inspired SOLUTIONS that fuel both spirit and life with something we all need more of today: RESILIENCE.

With a warm and engaging style, Susan shares HIGH-IMPACT strategies to:

• engage teams • embrace change • get unstuck
• increase sales • improve communication • lead healthier lives

All of which help your organization to THRIVE, PROSPER and SUCCEED!

Your Resilience Resource

For Thriving in Times of Change

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From the moment Susan steps up to the platform, your audience will KNOW they are in just the right place to receive everything they've been wanting to learn about CHANGING their lives, careers, relationships; all for the better.

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About Speaker Susan Young
"Bravo! Absolutely one of the best speakers I've ever heard! The heartfelt and passionate delivery of Susan’s keynote was exceptionally well received. She set the tone for the entire conference with her energy, enthusiasm and intelligent insights."
Marnie Tate | Charter Financial Consultant