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Keynote Speaker & Leadership Trainer

SUSAN helps people leverage the POWER of CHANGE to improve positivity & performance so they may 


You can depend on her for high-quality, content-rich programs that will EDUCATE, ENERGIZE & ENGAGE your people.

From the moment Susan steps up to the platform, your audience will KNOW they are in just the right place to receive everything they’ve been wanting to learn about CHANGING their lives, careers, relationships; all for the better.


Invite Keynote Speaker Susan Young to Inspire Your People

“Susan Young is a gifted speaker who inspires her audiences to step beyond what currently holds them back in life and tap into their inner courage, confidence and wisdom to live their lives to the fullest. Susan has a breadth of knowledge on enriching topics. I’m excited to bring her in as a BRAVA keynote speaker, as she has a wonderful ability to engage and connect with women.”

Michelle Reddington | Publisher  | BRAVAMagazine | www.BravaMagazine.com

“I had the great pleasure of engaging Susan for a presentation for the WI Chapter of SOCAP, an International organization for Customer Care Professionals.  Having the position of speaking after lunch can be a challenge for some, but not for Susan!  Her infectious energy, humor, and insight into Goal Getting made the room come alive!  Susan’s presentation gave me pause for thought about what is really important in life and how to optimize outcomes to achieve success, both in my professional or personal life. If you are seeking someone who can deliver a message that will make you laugh, make you think, and more importantly, inspire you to take action, then Susan Young is the speaker to call!”

Sue Estes | Director of Specialized Services  |  Celerity Staffing Solutions
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