Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

What People are Saying About Susan Young!

Happy clients share how motivational speaker Susan Young helps you succeed in life and in business:

“Susan is completely dedicated to giving people the skills they need to succeed. In addition Susan has a unique gift for helping people see their own potential, and empowering them to realize that potential. The combination of Susan’s keen analytic skills and energetic empathy make her a tremendously effective motivator. Susan will inspire and educate your organization with passionate purpose and distinctive methods. She is a wise choice for your next engagement.”
Robert Bradford, CEO | Center for Simplified Strategic Planning

“I want to applaud you for the work you are doing with young people, Susan. There are few arenas I am aware of where the need is any greater for the messages you are delivering than among children and young adults. It is obvious you are doing a great job.”
Zig Ziglar | Zig Ziglar Corporation

“When I first heard Susan speak at a national real estate sales conference, I was dazzled by her thought-provoking and motivational presentation. It was clear to me that she had the tools, the expertise and the methods to deliver solutions and make an impact in both my personal and professional life…”
Rich Taylor, Owner | Sotheby’s International Realty

“Susan Young is dynamic, energetic and relevant. She is more than a motivational speaker, she is a motivational teacher. Her powerful, positive message is filled with ideas, inspiration and insight. She will leave any audience empowered.”
Brad Dennis, Pastor, Director | KlaasKIDS Foundation’ Search Center for Missing Children

“Her delivery was excellent, humorous and loaded with energy. More important, however, she delivered a message that needs to be heard. Her ability to bring that message to the context of business was superb. Susan Young’s story-telling skills served her well in illustrating her points.”
David A. Neville, Executive Director | CATRALA of Georgia, Inc

“Thank you for a great presentation and for making our Spring Meeting a success! Your presentation covered all of the areas that we had listed as being important to our members. Thank you for being so thorough and for meeting our needs. You gave a lot of information that we can take back to our offices and put to work. One of our members from Texas told me, “I have been to probably hundreds of seminars over the past 30 years and Ms. Young is in the top five percentile.” Your presentation was enlightening and energetic. Thank you for making me look good!”
Kristen McWhorter, Executive Director | National Poultry and Food Distributors

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your breakout session at ACES. It was a great message that was well delivered. I hope to see you next year as our keynote speaker!”
Georgia Kopelousos, The Timbers Club | Snowmass Village, Colorado

“The message you delivered and the energy with which you spoke truly captivated the 90 Junior League members attending our meeting. Everyone was buzzing over one or more of your examples you discussed and we all benefited from the lessons you shared. We survey our membership after every meeting on several areas. Your segment was rated more beneficial than any other speaker we have had this year. I wanted to share some of the comments written about you: “Wonderful! Excellent! Fabulous! Susan was great, bring her back soon! Thank you! Wow!” We would recommend you to any organization whose members are interested in feeling better about themselves and recharging their spirits.”
J.Ghosh, President | Junior League

“While I attended several Breakout Sessions at the ACES Conference in Hilton Head, I found none more motivational and more well thought out than your session entitled “From Ice To Fire…How To Fan Your Buyers Flame & Create a Profitable Relationship.” Your enthusiasm and passion for your work showed throughout your presentation! Allowing the “round-table” atmosphere was a terrific idea and I only wish the other presenters would have followed your lead! Thank you for making the conference worth my while.”
Kritsin Hulver, Representative | Cypress Landing, Chocowinity, NC

“I was deeply impressed with your commitment to children and freeing their potential for personal success. I was moved when I read the letters you’ve received from students. One student summed it up pretty well when she wrote, “Mrs. Young is cool.” As the father of two children, I know that “cool” is as good as it can get. You have the Superintendent’s permission to approach all schools in the county. I’m grateful for your time and effort. Moreover, I’m confident that the value of your approach will result in a successful business.”
Don Gaetz, Florida State Senator | Former Superintendent, Okaloosa County, Florida

“I am enthusiastically writing this letter of recommendation for Susan Young, a motivational speaker for kids. Her Success Series for Kids are helpful and thought provoking and encouraging for all youth in her targeted audience. Susan Young is an excellent addition to our community and we need to make sure her empowering messages continue to greet the ears of youth in this country.”
Ardelle Bush, Teen Awareness Coordinator | Healthy Start

“I would like to take this opportunity to applaud the work of Mrs. Susan Young. Mrs. Young visited our school during the week before FCAT with her “Test Your Best” Seminar. She met with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. She presented a lively, grade-level appropriate, fast paced and fun seminar. The students and teachers LOVED her timely message. She reminded students to “keep their eyes on the prize,” as they eliminated obstacles to their goals. She talked about being organized and shared many obstacles that keep kids from doing their best on tests. Throughout her presentation she empowered the students to believe in themselves. The students were mesmerized. She literally had those students in the palm of her hand. Nobody wanted to leave when it was time to return to the classrooms.”
Dr. Kathleen A. Ball, SAI Coordinator | Florosa Elementary, Mary Esther, Florida

“Having been in education for the past 29 years as a School psychologist, teacher and counselor, I have seen just about everything. I totally agree with your approach and what you are trying to get the children to understand. My entire professional life has been dedicated to improving the lives of our children, and it pleases me to no end to see someone with your talents and skills helping to make a difference. Your heart must be as big as a house. How else could you make room for so many children in there? ”
Michael Ladner, Guidance Counselor | Okaloosa Applied Technology Center

“Thank you for your commitment to youth and to all those who serve youth. The insights you shared concerning motivating youth are essential training elements for all mentors. You honored us through your donations of time, talent and resources to provide such valuable training to enhance the development of the AmeriCorps Mentors. Thank you.”
Joane Jones, Program Director | AmeriCorps

“Susan Young is a superb example of self-motivation, confidence and enthusiasm. As a guest lecturer, she addressed diverse group of adult, high school and at-risk students. Her presentation had an obvious effect across the entire spectrum of students. She has a gift for being able to motivate people to realize they are special and capable of great accomplishments in life. Her message, that personal choices will determine the direction your life takes, is especially important to young people today. She inspires people to set high goals in their careers and their lives. We highly recommend Susan as a speaker to any level of academic, professional or social audience.”
Marsha Cox Louise Forrest Beverly Walton Business Technology Instructors | Okaloosa Applied Technology Center

“You can work miracles! I feel so up-lifted, motivated and at peace with myself since hearing you speak. What you gave our stay-at-home mothers was life changing information – not only because it was meaningful and relevant to their lives, but because you also used unforgettable visual aids and real-life examples everyone will remember for years! Thank you very much for your help.”
Betsey Plantholt | Healthy Families Okaloosa


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