Meet Susan Young

Meet Susan Young, MSA, CEO

Keynote Speaker & Leadership Trainer

Susan runs the speaking and training firm, Susan Young International. She speaks for organizations who want to HARNESS THE POWER OF CHANGE to improve positivity and performance. As a leadership trainer, Susan designs and delivers game-changing experiences which help people create laser-focus for what matters most in achieving their goals.

With charismatic humor, a passion for the human spirit, and the real-life tools people need today,  Susan has INSPIRED hundreds of thousands to successfully  navigate CHANGE and become more RESILIENT in a world that is frankly — ever-changing.  And truly, it’s up to US to keep up.  Personally.  Professionally.  Spiritually. Emotionally.  That’s a tall order for most folks.  Susan breaks it down into practical and adaptable strategies that help even the most resistant people take immediate action to find the balance, joy and life-affirming moments that make it all worthwhile.

Sharing Rich & Relevant Content

For more than two decades, Susan has empowered audiences with HIGH-IMPACT strategies  to: engage teams, embrace change,   get unstuck, lead more effectively, increase sales, foster positivity, improve performance, attract and nurture customers, communicate on deeper levels, and lead healthier lives to achieve their highest potential.    As a result of her work, people share how motivated they are to reach a new level of potential so they may live a life they love.

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“Bravo! Absolutely one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard! The heartfelt and passionate delivery of Susan’s keynote was exceptionally well received. She set the tone for the entire conference with her energy, enthusiasm and intelligent insights.”
Marnie Tate | Charter Financial Consultant

” Susan Young is rare indeed.  In fact, her enthusiasm is contagious.  One wish I have for you is to hear her speak.  You will meet a force for good in this world.

I am fortunate to call Susan my friend.”

Mark LeBlanc | Speaker, Pilgrim and Author of Never Be the Same and Growing Your Business

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