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Planning and executing a SUCCESSFUL and UNFORGETTABLE event is no easy feat! That’s why Motivational Speaker Susan Young goes above and beyond to deliver meaningful content, inspired insights, and ovation-worthy workshops that make YOU look like a STAR.


AND – she does it all WITHOUT drama, demands or difficulty. As a seasoned professional, Susan knows your job is stressful enough! She’s on call to work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have EVERYTHING you need to produce the kind of event that will leave audiences singing your praises.

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“Susan was absolutely captivating; filling the room with excitement, enthusiasm and passion.  Her presentation skills are excellent and she maximized the limited amount of time available by providing a wealth of content. If your organization or business has charged you with selecting a featured speaker for your training program or conference, I would strongly suggest that you take advantage of Susan Young’s talent.   She will be a tremendous hit, and you will be considered a genius for having the insight to have chosen her!”
Cory Godwin | Chief Deputy Tax Collector

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