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Release the Power of Re3

77 Ways to Create Positive Change & Transformation

Do you  embrace  change with optimism and resilience? Or do you resist it with fear, denial, and frustration? Are you at a loss for how to move past adversity?  Would you like to create more positive change in your  life?

Change isn’t going anywhere and will continue to happen again and again . . . with you, without you, for you, or against you. That’s life. Then why do some people strive and thrive, while others flop and flounder? You have the power to choose.

In Release the Power of Re 3 : 77 Ways to Create Positive Change & Transformation, Susan Young teaches you how to apply her 3-Step Formula to embrace change, become  exponentially resilient, and optimize your outcomes in life and in business.

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The Art of First Impressions for Positive Impact

8 Ways to Shine Bright & Transform Your Relationship Results

Make New Friends.  Build Social Confidence. Nurture Your Network. Have more fun. Expand Your Influence.  Grow Your Business. Find Happiness and Fulfillment While Engaging Others.

CONNECTIVITY is EVERYTHING in today’s competitive, and often turbulent times.  Success, rewards, forward momentum, credibility, influence, and bottom line profitability?  All start by building AUTHENTIC relationships forged in TRUST.  COOPERATION, and RESPECT.

With every new encounter, impressions are being made. People will form an entire opinion about you, your business, or your service within a very few short seconds. These mere ‘seconds’ can be the make-or-break basis for building your success in business and in life. Give yourself the advantage of knowing how to make these moments matter. In Susan’s inspiring, relevant, and life-changing book, you will learn the 10 Steps optimize your outcomes to transform your relationship results.

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The Book Wore Sneakers

Get Walking, Start Talking & Write Your Book in 7 Days

Are you ready to finally get your book written? Would your book build professional credibility? Has your writing journey been filled with starts, stops, bumps, doubts,  delays, and detours? Do you have years of notes, journals, and ideas that you would like to bring to life? Do you have special experiences, talents, and insights that you would like to share with the world? Would you like to be positioned as an expert? Have you been writing for years, but haven’t taken that one step that leads you to being published? 

With great  humility and a tinge of embarrassment,  Keynote Speaker Susan Young  humbly answered ‘YES’   to all of these questions. Because with decades of experience, rich content, and nationwide clients, she still remained bookless.

 And then one day . . .

Susan put on her sneakers and went for a walk.

With her Smart Phone in one hand and a book outline in the other, she began to speak her heart. As she recorded her thoughts and emailed them to herself, she successfully created rapid-fire content and wrote an entire book in 7 DAYS! Join Susan Young as she shares proven strategies to take your book from vision to completion. As a bonus, you will receive her  step by step action plan to visualize, write, design, publish, and market your book.

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Shift, Shed & Shine

Your Go-To Guide for Resilience in Times of Change

Are you happy and fulfilled? Or do you sometimes feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed out, and defeated? Are you often at a loss for how to move past adversity, challenge, heartbreak,  and defeat?  Has your life become unrecognizable from the dreams you once had?

You are not alone. In her new book, Shift, Shed & Shine, Susan Young shares the powerful lessons she learned from her own personal journey through massive life change.  Join Susan as she shares uplifting insights, powerful principles, and life changing strategies to help you get unstuck and moving in the direction of your dreams to live in alignment with your joy and possibilities.

Book Highlights by Susan Young

“I have rarely seen a person with such a degree of true passion for using the gifts God blessed her with.  Susan uses her gifts of encouragement and inspiration in a powerful way to motivate her audiences.  Whether it be old or young, Susan’s skill of creating within the listener a fresh, new “can-do and creative” attitude is simply amazing to watch.  It is with great delight that I recommend Susan Young as a professional speaker for your group.”
Karen Baker | County Commissioner


Move from Transition to Transformation




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