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In our constantly shifting world, audiences need game-changing tools to help them rise above the ‘noise’ to be ENGAGED. FOCUSED. GROUNDED. HAPPIER. They need SYNERGY-fueling, relationship-forging, mind-shifting SUCCESS skills. The good news? That’s just what you’ll find and more with Keynote Speaker Susan Young.


With boundless ENERGY and a warm, effervescent style, Susan Young delivers the POWERFUL strategies, solutions and insights it takes to lead a successful and balanced life. She is committed to educating, motivating, and inspiring your audiences with TAKE-AWAY TOOLS which they can implement immediately for positive change and personal growth.

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“Susan Young is a performance consultant extraordinare!  She designed and expertly presented a half-day workshop for my Financial Management team that was absolutely brilliant ~ combining wisdom, creativity, enthusiasm and dynamic team building exercises.  Beforehand, we were challenged with cynicism, negativity and a resistance for learning new ways to improve team dynamics and stay motivated.  Afterwards, I felt an immediate shift among my team and witnessed more positivity, compassion, mutual respect, and cooperation than ever.  Now, months later, we are still enjoying the positive impact of our time with Susan. She holds the key for igniting performance!”
Denise Wagner | Chief, Financial Management Division, U.S. Air Force Research Labs

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