Service with A Smile

Service with A Smile

Creating a Sensational Customer Experience

In today’s uber-connected, competitive, and often less-than-patient world – the CUSTOMER? Is KEY. Bottom line? To succeed you need the tools, mindset and strategies to provide WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE that has the ability to create both MEMORABLE MOMENTS of MAGIC and FOR LIFE. In this career-changing presentation, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Development Trainer Susan Young shares the insights, inside secrets, solutions and techniques that drive productivity, profitability and a customer-centric culture that is creative, sustainable, and repeatable. And that? Means BANKABLE results for any organization.

  • Be AHEAD of the CURVE in terms of customer needs and expectations
  • DELIVER the OUTSTANDING customer service that DRIVES competitive edge
  • PINPOINT BAD customer service and send it packing
  • Identify customer’s PERSONALITY STYLE
  • Adopt 21 ways to CONSISTENTLY create INCREDIBLE first impressions
  • Master POSITIVE RAPPORT with customers for optimal impact
  • ENGAGE listening SKILLS with open-ended questions
  • Adopt a SERVICE BEYOND SELF approach
  • WELCOME complaints and criticism for the OPPORTUNITY to improve
  • Turn DISGRUNTLED or DIFFICULT customers into LOYAL, RAVING fans
  • Use LANGUAGE to create COMFORT – a KEY to customer connectivity
  • Tap into your TALENTS, engage your WORKFORCE, and showcase your STRENGTHS
  • Bring REAL LIFE into FOCUS and PERSPECTIVE to find REAL WORLD solutions

No matter what industry you’re in, or job title you adopt, we are ALL in the business of PEOPLE. When you learn the skills, mindsets and insights for bringing your BEST SELF to the table each day, you win. When YOUR TEAM collectively does the same and delivers the customer experience to its highest level – then your entire organization not only wins, but sets a momentum in motion that’s just hard to beat. Invite Keynote Speaker and Leadership Development Trainer Susan Young in today – and let the winning begin.

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