Ignite Your Selling Success

Ignite Your Selling Success

From Ice to Fire…How to Turn Cold Leads into Hot Buyers

In today’s intense world of sales, competition is fierce. What is it going to take to WARM-UP the process and your closing ratios at the same time? Creating powerful pipelines and customers-for-life takes savvy strategy, relationship building, motivated mindsets, serious sales skills and exceptional customer service.  The competition is tougher than ever, and the pace is much faster. It is no longer enough to just have a great product and deliver a persuasive presentation on your features and benefits. Increase your sales and profitability by becoming a solution specialist and knowledgeable expert who can solve their problems and deliver service beyond self. Keynote Speaker Susan Young delivers all three and more with her solution-packed messages and timely insights.  If you’re ready to fire up your team’s PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITABILITY, and put systems in place to ensure they are ALWAYS playing at the top of their game – choose SUSAN YOUNG for TRANSFORMATIONAL results.

  • The TOP TEN Steps of the Sale
  • Pre-Sale Prep to UP YOUR GAME
  • Quickly build TRUST and RAPPORT
  • Why features tell and BENEFITS sell
  • How to get into the SALES MINDSET
  • The Evolution of Sales Relationships
  • Best Practices for Peak Professionals
  • Winning Ways to Respond to Objections
  • Setting yourself APART from the competition
  • The Art of First Impressions for Positive Impact
  • Socratic Selling and the Art of Asking Questions
  • POSITIVE ways to deal with negative customers
  • Understanding what MOTIVATES people to buy
  • Nurturing Your Network to Grow Your Business
  • Exceeding Expectations with Service Beyond Self
  • Trial closes, Tie-Down and Advanced Closing Skills
  • Why Exceptional SERVICE is the Key to Customers-for-life
  • Non-verbal communication – secrets of quick connection
  • Building Your Referrals (the EASIEST Sale You’ll Ever Make)
  • Consulting & Relationship selling insights to transcend the transaction
  • Customizing your presentation to best serve your client’s Personality Style

Invite Susan Young to deliver this dynamic, interactive and engaging program that will shift your mindsets and take your selling success to an entirely new level! Learn powerful and relationship-building strategies to IGNITE YOUR SELLING SUCCESS! This program can be delivered as a dynamic 2-hour keynote or an interactive 4-hour workshop.  

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