Art of First Impressions for Positive Impact

Art of First Impressions for Positive Impact

10 Steps to Transform Your Relationship Results

Make New Friends.  Build Social Confidence. Nurture Your Network. Expand Your Influence.  Impress Your Customers, Increase Sales, Grow Your Business. Find Happiness and Fulfillment While Engaging Others.

CONNECTIVITY is EVERYTHING in today’s competitive, and often turbulent times.  Success, rewards, forward momentum, credibility, influence, and bottom line profitability?  All start by building AUTHENTIC relationships forged in TRUST.  COOPERATION, and RESPECT. With every new encounter, impressions are being made. People will form an entire opinion about you, your business, or your service within a very few short seconds. These mere ‘seconds’ can be the make-or-break basis for building your success in business and in life. Make these moments matter. In this inspiring, engaging, and educational workshop, you will learn Susan’s 10 Steps to Shine Bright to Transform Your Relationship Results!

  • Build trust and genuine rapport
  • Captivate the attention of others
  • Win friends and influence people
  • Leave a POSITIVE lasting impression
  • Success tips for SOCIAL INTROVERTS
  • Improve likability and approachability
  • The DO’s and DON’T’s for cultivating connections
  • Optimize your social success and relationship skills
  • Understand how EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE impacts your interactions and reputation
  • Unlock the 4 Keys to becoming a MASTER NETWORKER
  • Make the BEST FIRST impression for GAME-CHANGING impact
  • Discover how your energy, attitude, personality, and expectations create your reality and impact every relationship you have
  • Use your BODY LANGUAGE to convey integrity, interest, intention, and approachability
  • Activate the ART of BEING for healthy self-esteem, authenticity, and service to others
  • Become more intentional, courageous, and ready to make your mark!
  • GRACIOUSLY end a conversation without AWKWARDNESS or RUDENESS
  • Quickly build POSITIVE RAPPORT by asking (and answering) the RIGHT questions
  • Use Sweeney’s 5-10-15 to SUBSTANTIALLY grow your business & EXPAND your influence

HIRE Keynote Speaker SUSAN YOUNG to learn real-world, how-to solutions for turning CONTACTS into CONNECTIONS. This program can be delivered as a dynamic 2-hour keynote or an interactive 4-hour workshop.

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