Confident Communications

Confident Communications

Creating a Positive & Effective Workplace

Are you ever irritated, frustrated or stressed out by poor communication? Does your team play well together or is reaching agreement always a struggle? Does your culture provide a positive environment for your customers, staff, and YOU?  Is it sometimes easier to avoid confrontation than to bravely dive into a healthy dialogue? Do you resist customer service issues or see them as an opportunity to improve performance?

Whether you are seeking powerful ways to unify your team, connect easily with guests, create a more positive workplace, or deliver world-class service, your communication skills are essential for your success. How can you avoid communication ROADBLOCKS that stand in the way of your goals? How can you get your message across CLEARLY and SUCCINCTLY to be more effective and understood? Whether it’s a face-to-face conversation, a telephone call or a written e-mail, a meaningful message can make or break your success. This insightful program will help you build CONFIDENCE and CREDIBILITY by taking your COMMUNICATION SKILLS to the next level.

Great Communication Skills Are Mutual Respect Skills!

  • Activate 4 Natural Laws to create the outcomes you desire
  • Use healthy communication for customer service excellence
  • Understand 4 distinct PERSONALITY STYLES to connect with others on their terms
  • Use BODY LANGUAGE to positively influence h your message is received
  • Developing EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE for optimal impact
  • Utilize OPEN-ENDED Questions to build trust and rapport
  • Saying the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time to the RIGHT person
  • Showing APPRECIATION in the workplace to build a strong team
  • Delivering 3-step feedback to keep people engaged and empowered
  • Measuring the DYNAMICS of ENERGY in your attitude and workplace
  • Using POSITIVITY RATIOS for quicker connection and positive outcomes
  • Applying the latest communications research from Positive Psychology
  • Navigating Crucial Conversations for successful outcomes and resolutions
  • Understanding the power of the 5 LOVE LANGUAGES to connect on deeper levels
  • Using NON-VERBAL behavior to positively influence how your message is received

HIRE Keynote Speaker SUSAN YOUNG to share powerful and relationship-building strategies to take your communication skills to an entirely new level in life and in business. This program can be delivered as a dynamic 2 hour keynote or an interactive 4 hour workshop. Either way, she will energize, engage, and educate your people for a game-changing experience!

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