Goal Getting Success

Goal Getting Success

Achieving the Goals That Matter Most

Do you repeatedly set goals that never come to fruition?  Would you like to learn how to take a stand, make a plan and live life on your terms? Have you ever begun with the best of intentions, but lose your juice after a few setbacks? Have distractions, gaps, traps, and obstacles gotten in the way and sabotaged your success?

FORGET Goal SETTING. Master GOAL GETTING! Too often goal setting falls short. And that? Can be a recipe for disappointment and frustration. Why? It’s too easy to get sidetracked. OFF track. Road-blocked. Self-defeated. In this game-changing workshop, Motivational Keynote Speaker Susan Young shares the VISION, FOCUS and STRATEGIC plan that will allow you challenge where you are now, bypass the pitfalls, and experience EXPONENTIAL GROWTH, both personally and professionally. Ready to lead a more purposeful and deliberate life and kick your career up to the next level?

  • CLEARLY see the “BIG PICTURE” and focus on what matters most in your life
  • ENGAGE the Five Golden Rules that contribute to SUCCESS
  • Create real LIFE-BALANCE and EMPOWER the 9 CORE areas in your life
  • Engage the Power of INTENTION to optimize your outcomes
  • Implement CUTTING EDGE strategies for LETTING GO of what’s holding you back
  • IDENTIFY common GAPS, TRAPS, and OBSTACLES that hinder accomplishment
  • Formulate B.E. S.M.A.R.T. Goals to DRAMATICALLY increase your chances for success
  • Set Goals Using the MPP Model (Meaning, Purpose, and Pleasure)
  • Effectively PRIORITIZE goals and TRACK your progress
  • Ask for HELP (and GET it!)

To THRIVE in today’s competitive and fast paced world? Takes firing on all cylinders. Maximizing your potential. And putting a STRATEGIC plan in place for not just hitting, but surpassing your GOALS. Motivational Keynote Speaker Susan Young pulls out all the stops to share the tools, techniques, insights and MINDSETS it takes to move audiences to catapult their results. Invite her in for your next event to deliver these career-changing solutions to YOUR team.

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