Shift, Shed & Shine to Thrive in Change

Shift, Shed & Shine

Moving from Transition to Transformation in Times of Change

Are you happy and fulfilled? Or… Do you often feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed out, and defeated?  Has your life become unrecognizable from the dreams you once had? Are you sometimes at a loss for how to move past adversity, challenge, heartbreak, or negativity?

CHANGE… Isn’t going anywhere. Simply by virtue of being alive, you experience continuous and constant change. In fact? It’s more a part of your everyday reality than it ever was. With blink-of-an-eye communications and smartphones always within reach – you are running at breakneck speeds – too often, out of balance. You are expected to do more with less and have more tasks to complete than you have hours in the day. How can you stop the insanity, CALM the chaos and greet change from a position of STRENGTH and enlightened AWARENESS? Your attitude towards change determines how you react, respond, process, behave, heal, or transform when changes do occur. Based on her upcoming book, Shift, Shed & Shine, Susan Young will fortify you and your team with tools to make this navigation deliberate, successful and transforming.

  • Assess your current attitudes towards change
  • SHIFT your mindset for a more positive perspective
  • Bounce back from adversity (and get the BETTER of it)
  • UNLOCK life transforming tips to Rev Up Your Resilience
  • Harness the POWER of change to Move from Woe to WOW!
  • Measure the dynamics of energy in your attitude and workplace
  • Learn how to apply the PERMA Model to improve work/life balance
  • SHED limiting beliefs, habits and hang-ups that are holding you back
  • Utilize the power of learned OPTIMISM, FLEXIBILITY and GRATITUDE
  • Improve effectiveness with the Stop-Start-Change Model action steps
  • Get Laser FOCUSED to stay ENERGIZED and get more of what you want
  • Emerge as a stronger, happier, more authentic and EMPOWERED person
  • SHINE with strategies to improve performance, productivity and well-being
  • Identify the gaps, traps, and obstacles which keep you stuck and unproductive
  • Use LEARNED OPTIMISM to shift negative, cynical attitudes into hope and happiness
  • Explore Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model to learn why change processes fail and succeed

This program can be delivered as a dynamic 2-hour keynote or an interactive 4-hour workshop. HIRE Keynote Speaker SUSAN YOUNG to learn uplifting insights, powerful principles, and life (and career) changing solutions to help you and your organization THRIVE IN TIMES OF CHANGE!  

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