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  Why Restrengthen?  Fortifying your personal strength, potency, and power boosts your confidence, energy, and courage to boldly navigate change and transformation. Even a life lived well uses our resources to such a degree that it can weaken many areas which were once strong. Simple wear and tear may tire us and take its toll to the point that we need to be re-fortified if we wish to continue performing at higher levels. 14 Areas to Restrengthen for Success Your body Your mind Your spirit Your skills Your resolve Your resilience Your values Your discipline Your resilience Your confidence Your relationships Your commitment Your capability for... read more


Why Reharmonize? Bringing various qualities together in harmony will create music rather than noise, bringing peace, calm, and delight. In the rhythm of life, perfect harmony is bliss, yet challenging to achieve on a regular basis. Due to that, we can get used to being “out of tune,” with one or more people, and go on as if everything is perfectly fine.  To achieve the perfect pitch is quite a skill. It has to be a priority. One has to know the difference. Have you ever seen a barbershop quartet sing without background music? They will blow into a tuner to get the right pitch before they even begin to sing. By starting with the right pitch, their diverse voices are able to come together in perfect harmony to optimize their performance. My son, Nick, who plays the guitar beautifully, does something similar. Every time he sits down to... read more
7 Ways to Reaccelerate to Gain Forward Momentum

7 Ways to Reaccelerate to Gain Forward Momentum

Why Reaccelerate?  When we lose momentum and stop moving toward our dreams—or are unable to function normally in our day—it’s time to pick ourselves up, turn our engines on and get going! “Amplifying what is great within you will accelerate your life faster than fixing what you think ‘limits’ you.” —Brendan Burchard Slow Down to Go Fast Sometimes you will find it necessary to de-accelerate when life gets crazy or veers out of control—to rejuvenate. Slowing down will provide you with the opportunity to make time to review, regroup, reroute, and decide how to turn the corner or change direction. While slowing down comes with incredible benefits to reduce stress, if you stay there too long, you may become stuck or stranded. When everything comes to a grinding halt it can sometimes be hard to generate the energy to get rolling again and the dreaded procrastination sets in. Fighting... read more


Why Rebound? Life will inevitably hand us unexpected setbacks, hardships, and failures that we must find a way to prevail over. “The ability to bounce back after a setback is probably the single most important trait an entrepreneurial venture can possess.”      —Ricard Branson The Key to Your Resilience The world is going through such incredible change that my program Shift, Shed & Shine: How to Thrive in Times of Change has been among my most requested. I was recently hired by the Social Security Administration in Washington, DC, to deliver the program to empower the employees with tools for resilience. You can only imagine the changes they are enduring with budget cuts, heavy regulation, increasing workloads—and their exploding customer base with the baby boomers hitting retirement age. No stress there, right? During one of my programs, a participant raised her hand and basically shared, “I have always been a... read more


  Why Receive? By opening your heart to gratefully receive the kindness, generosity, and service of others, you not only enjoy the benefits of their consideration, but you also allow them the gift of giving. Are you comfortable and willing to be of service to others, but find it difficult to receive the same in return? Are you quick to give, but resist receiving, even when you need the help? Your ability to receive not only opens the space for great things to enter your life, it also returns a gift of grace to the giver. Refusal and Rejection The statement, “It is better to give than to receive” is a confusing and ridiculous theory without explanation. Giving and receiving require participation in both directions to make the circle complete. It is a reciprocal interaction requiring mutual generosity, respect, appreciation—and humility. However, while many people will give you the... read more

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